Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stim Check 3

E2: 1106pg/ml

Lining: 8.5mm


I was told that, at this stage, they measure the biggest five on either side, so I only have ten measurements today.

1. 15mm
2. 14mm
3. 13mm
4. 13mm
5. 12mm
6. 12mm
7. 12mm
8. 12mm
9. 11mm
10. 10mm

From now on, I'll be going in for a stim check every morning. At this point it looks like my retrieval might be on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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  1. Happy Happy NEW Year, J&J!!! I think of you so often. I admire your bravery, your strength, your decisions, your hopes and dreams... and, most of all ..... your love for one another. I hope the new year brings you much happiness and celebration.
    Many hugs to you both,
    WFH xoxo