Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stim Check 5

E2: 2763pg/ml

Lining: didn't get an exact measurement today, but over 9mm


They measured 13 again today, the biggest at 16mm and the smallest at 9mm. They don't seem to be growing very fast, but I understand that's not necessarily a bad thing. Luckily my E2 went back to rising steadily following the big jump and subsequent reduction in the doses. I'm on the same lower doses tonight and tomorrow morning. It's a balance between keeping my E2 at an acceptable level (not too high) and helping my follicles grow.

This is the stage that seems to drag on a bit, waiting for the go-ahead for the mother of all shots, the trigger. The retrieval will be exactly 35 hours after the trigger shot. We keep speculating about when it will be, mainly because it's hard to estimate how many more doses of medication we need to get, but we just need to wait and see. Now it looks like the earliest day for retrieval is Wednesday and it may go out to Thursday. We might get a better idea after tomorrow's stim check.

Today our thumb twiddling was interrupted with some considerable "excitement" (read stress) when, after several long phone calls to Fedex, we found out that the drugs we had ordered from the usual mail-order pharmacy to get us through the weekend were not in fact going to be delivered by noon as arranged, because they were still in Memphis, TN. We were told that the likelihood of their getting to us today (and obviously tomorrow) was slim to non-existent. Brilliant! We were told this at 12.05pm and knew the local pharmacy closed at 12.30pm, so we dashed over there and bought enough Gonal F to get us through to Monday (luckily they had a prescription on file). The big negative associated with this situation is that it comes in the same format we spectacularly failed to administer successfully last cycle, namely the small vial with the large mixing needle, very full syringe and easy-to-pull-out plunger.

Of course, no sooner had we got back to the hotel with our stash of drugs, than Fedex called to inform us that our package with the dreamy Gonal F pen was in fact not really still in Memphis, but in a depot in Denver and did we want to pick it up, because it wouldn't be delivered today. Now we've gone from no supplies at all to having Gonal F coming out of our ears. Since it looks like we may need all of it, no worries there.

My next stim check is tomorrow morning.

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