Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stim Check 6

E2: 3308pg/ml

Lining: where it needs to be so no exact measurement


These were the ones measured today:

1. 18mm
2. 16mm
3. 16mm
4. 16mm
5. 16mm
6. 16mm
7. 15mm
8. 14mm
9. 13mm
10. 12mm
11. 12mm
12. 12mm
13. 8mm

These aren't necessarily all the sames ones that were measured before, but at this stage they look for an idea of the largest, smallest and the clusters in between.

After chasing around various addresses in Denver trying to score the Gonal F yesterday and then ending up with an abundance of it, it was decided today that I'm to hold off on that particular shot entirely tonight (and I assume thereafter). Oh the irony! Basically I'm coasting now without the evening stim shot, but I'm still doing the half-dose of the morning shot. They want me to proceed slowly with my follicle growth to ensure the smaller ones can catch up without my E2 getting out of control. We're wondering whether the retrieval will be on Friday now.

My next stim check is tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hi J&J,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! How nice to hear from someone who's currently here at CCRM! For all you know, you're in the room next to ours in the hotel too!

    Good luck to you for the rest of your cycle. I'm going to follow your progress, and who knows - maybe I'll run into you at the clinic. If you see a stressed out Indian girl there, that's me :-)

    Good luck!