Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stim Check 2

E2: 664pg/ml

Lining: 7mm


1. 11mm
2. 11mm
3. 10mm
4. 10mm
5. 10mm
6. 9mm
7. 9mm
8. 9mm
9. 8mm
10. 8mm
11. 8mm
12. 7mm
13. 5mm

Most of these follicles will be the same as the ones that were measured on Sunday, but some may be different, such as the new 5mm follicle.

The next stim check is on Thursday.


  1. I think this all sounds really good! 13 follies are great! Good luck.

    ~JPW2006 from IVFConnections

  2. You'll deserve any treat your little heart desires. You two are extra-ordinary !!!
    Love you both, Ginny