Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why Blog?

Um, as I sit here writing my first ever blog entry, I'm still feeling quite unsure about this blogging thing. I've been thinking about doing it for a while and, with our third and final IVF cycle fast approaching, it's now or never... There are a few things that are making me squirm about doing this. First, the vanity factor. I mean, it does seem awfully self-important to think that my daily life might be interesting enough for someone to actually take the time to read about. The second, and very significant squirm factor is the personal nature of the subject matter, infertility. If I am to give an honest account of the unsavoury happenings, then there will be mention of vaginas (well, mainly mine), sperm, hideous instruments and procedures that generally involve padded stirrups (some also involve dark rooms with plastic cups and DVDs) and raw emotions (I will make every attempt to spare you those); you get the picture. It's just plain embarrassing, or at least it was before we started on this bizarre journey. Now I worry that I'm too unfazed by it all, and that what seems like a perfectly normal subject of conversation to me, is excruciatingly embarrassing for the other party. Hmmm.

Having said all that, our close friends and family do like to know what's going on and this is a way of communicating to everybody, just about in real time. And, from a selfish point of view, this may (or may not) be a way of keeping me/us a bit more grounded and of maintaining perspective. It might help to write things down as a way of releasing some of the tension. I'll get back to you on that one when we're in the process and I know if it's helping. Thirdly, I'm hoping that this blog will be an interesting record of our cycle. After all, it'll involve new and cutting edge technology for pre-implantation embryo testing, which is only performed in two clinics world-wide (both in the USA). The first embryos were tested using this method in 2007. There are still very few couples that have gone through this procedure and the first baby tested in this way was born as recently as June 2008. So it's somewhat revolutionary and we're part of it. Exciting.

Weighing it all up, I'm going for it. Wheeeeeeee. Perhaps I'll get more comfortable with it later on, but for now I'm not going to be identifying who we are with photos or names, just keeping it anonymous. And we'll only share the link with our families and a few friends who know what we're doing and have supported us in this process. Next step: click "publish post". Here we go......


  1. Gosh, so you decided to go ahead with the blog... very brave of you.
    Good luck, obviously, that goes without saying, really. Fingers are already tightly crossed. xxx KMCT

  2. Love the's akward to ask how things are not akward at all! Thanks for sharing all of your news.

  3. SO happy that you have created this forum to keep those in your life informed and for yourself, a place to vent and release the excitement and anxieties of this journey you are on. I am hopeful for you and Jim - and wishing you a successful cycle!!!

  4. Jess and Jim - i am so glad to read updates on you and your progress and also hope that this helps as an outlet for you as well. Ryan and I have you both in our hearts and prayers as you move through this process again and also have all fingers and toes crossed to help as well.

    Love C & J