Sunday, December 28, 2008

Stim Check 1

E2: 255pg/ml

Uterine Lining: 6.5mm

The lining is expected to thicken up during a cycle so that it’s nice and plush for the embryo to burrow into, however for this cycle it doesn’t matter since we’re testing and freezing all our embryos, so there won’t be a transfer. It’s still good to know that my body is functioning normally, though. As a point of reference, my lining was 2.8mm at the suppression check last Monday.

Measurable Follicles:

1. 8mm
2. 8mm
3. 7mm
4. 7mm
5. 7mm
6. 7mm
7. 6mm
8. 6mm
9. 6mm
10. 6mm
11. 5mm
12. 5mm
13. 5mm

Each follicle is expected to grow by 1-2mm per day and can be classed as mature between about 16mm and 22mm. As I’ve mentioned before, the important thing is that as many as possible are in the mature range. At this point, I have alot in very close proximity, so that’s a good thing. Also encouraging is the fact that on this day during my last cycle I only had four measurable follicles. We think we’re off to a good start but we know from experience not to get excited about anything, because things can go dramatically wrong at any time. Though quantity is excellent, it’s the quality that leads to a healthy baby and we’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out how strong the fertilised eggs are and several more weeks to find out whether they are viable.

The next stim check is on Tuesday morning.

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