Thursday, June 11, 2009

10 Weeks

We're at 10 weeks today and counting down to the second trimester. For one, I sincerely hope I will start feeling better soon. The "morning" sickness is ruling my world at the moment. Lately I've seen pockets of improvement for some hours here and there, but it's still very unpredictable and overwhelming. I've also been feeling slightly feverish, clammy and am getting some pretty nasty stomach aches, whether I eat or not. I wonder whether the clamminess and feverish feeling is a touch of dehydration. In terms of the stomach aches, those Tums are always by my side (they're allowed of course). Having said all that, I wouldn't want to miss any of it, if this is what it takes to get to our babies in December. It's a long stretch between our last ultrasound and the next one on the 23rd but I think everything is ok. I have no reason at all to believe otherwise and my belly seems to suggest there's some serious growth going on. It's popped out quite a bit in the last week.

The best news of the week is that our last PIO (progesterone in oil) shot is tomorrow! My progesterone jumped from 36 last week to 55 this week, despite my going down to half the dose. So I go cold turkey tomorrow, which is a bit scary but also excellent - those daily IM shots are not for the faint of heart. I take my last estrace tablet on Saturday and then I'm down to just one estrogen patch for support. I asked whether I could get rid of the tablet next rather than the last patch, since I have a suspicion that the tablet is contributing to my sickness. Even if I'm wrong, taking any tablet is difficult with the mother of all gag reflexes hounding me. I'll be glad to get rid of it. Talking of gagging, our poor dog and two cats are very confused and worried. They all meet outside the bathroom door and exchange concerned looks whenever I'm in there.

I want to finish by congratulating my girl Sue for her positive betas. I'm really happy for you. Another great CCRM success.


  1. Yay for the end of PIO!!! Yay for the 2nd tri being right around the corner!!!

  2. Thanks:-) I love the image of your dog and cats congregating outside the bathroom and looking concerned. Very cute. When I was sick in the fall, my dogs would sit in the door of the bathroom, but I always thought they were thinking - you think she's done with that? - I've got dibs! But, my dogs are gross, lol.

    You are getting there!!! I am so excited for you! I wish my first 10 weeks could go as fast as yours seemed to (yeah right, lol, from the outside they went fast, I'm sure time is crawling for you with that m/s!) you feel better soon! And, you just answered my questions about the PIO and the estrace/vivelle - thanks!

  3. 10 weeks, wahoo! You're cruising right along. I hope the m/s subsides soon, but that's funny about your critters. Your belly is popping? You so have to post a belly shot. Looking forward to more updates!

  4. I just got caught up (I have been lurking quietly in blogland for some time) and am thrilled to hear more good news out there...ccrm does seem to have an amazing track record??!!
    I was curious when you mentioned about your type O negative blood not mixing the fetuses- is that due to the protein s deficiency/MTHFR or does it have to do with your blood type being negative and your husbands +?
    Just curious, as I have AB- blood and my husband is O+ and I have read some cases where medication has to be given in order to sustain pregnancies...
    Anyways, all the best to you and CONGRATS!!!!

  5. Love seeing your u/s pics, Jessica! Just wish you were feeling better. I can't imagine how crummy you feel because just nausea and food aversions (and the occasional dry heaving over the toilet) are making me crabby. I just want to be able to eat a square meal for once!

    Kathleen, aka Teachrun67

  6. Adore seeing your u/s pictures, Jessica! Simply would like you're experience far better. I can not envision how crummy you're feeling simply because merely queasiness along with food aversions (and also the infrequent dried out heaving in the toilet) are earning us crabby. Among the best in order to follow a square dinner for once!

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