Monday, September 7, 2009

Scare, But All Is Well For Now

We had to call the doctor last Sunday because my tummy tightened up so badly that it felt like a tightly balled-up fist, especially the lower area. It wasn't like contractions that come and go but a constant tightness that lasted 24 hours or so in the end. Having never been this far along before, I had no idea what's normal and what isn't, but this was certainly a new sensation and I wasn't comfortable with it. I absolutely hate calling a doctor during out-of-office hours, but then again we weren't going to risk anything. He called me back immediately (I adore him) and told me to immediately get off my feet and drink tons of water; he also told me to come in to see him in the morning. When I got there the next morning, he checked my cervix manually and then by ultrasound. Thankfully it was still long and closed (4cm +). However, he didn't like the uterine tightening, which he could feel quite easily from outside. My instructions were to go home and rest off my feet, to continue drinking plenty of water and to lie down whenever these cramps started. If I see any kind of pattern, call immediately or go straight to labour and delivery for monitoring for contractions and possible medication to stop them. Well, since then I've put myself on "modified bedrest", in other words lying down as much as I can. I worked from my bed all last week. The tightness seems to have gone away now and I feel much better. I'm still getting the usual round ligament pains, but I know how to recognise them. I'm seeing my OB again this Thursday and will see what he says about the need to continue this or whether I can get up more now. We have alot of family on both sides coming in this weekend, as my SIL and BIL are throwing us a very early shower (lots of reasons why it's so early). I will get to meet my long-lost half-sister from Australia for the first time on Thursday night, when she flies in from London - I only found out she existed last year! Then my Mum and J the Elder's family are coming in on Friday. I'll have to be very disciplined about my rest and staying off my feet...


  1. Oh, I bet that was so scary - I am glad to hear that everything is okay - please post updates!! Please also update about the shower!!

    My father found out he had a half-sister he never knew about a few years ago. He was really, really happy to meet her and she has become a very integral part of the family.

  2. That sounds so scary. I'm glad all is well for now. Even if your OB says you can move around more - take it easy! It sounds like it will be hard to do it with all of that family around but please try to stay off your feet as much as possible!

    Have fun with your shower and how cool to meet your half-sis for the first time!!!!

  3. Whew, I'm so glad everything turned out ok. Take care of yourself! Hugs

  4. That sure sounds scary but I'm glad that the resting seems to have put a stop to it. I'm a little late in replying but I guess you've met your long lost sister by now - how cool! You will have to post details about your shower and your new sister.

  5. Just checking in to see how you are doing.

  6. Yowza...I hope this has all gone away by now!

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