Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date Change for the Big Reunion

Our frozen embryo transfer has actually been brought forward. This is the first time in this entire journey anything has happened earlier than planned. We’re now looking at April 21st! This is just over two weeks away, which is surreal after waiting this long. We’re really pleased about it generally, but also because we’ll know where we stand by the end of April when my job situation might be changing (possible new job). We were able to get an earlier transfer day because J the Elder’s previously planned business meetings during the week of the 20th were postponed. Luckily CCRM had a slot open that day.

I started my big gun drugs last Thursday on Cycle Day 3. In addition to the Lupron I’ve been on for a couple of weeks, now I’ve got an estrogen patch stuck to my stomach, some lovely, smallish purple dots from the Lovenox blood thinner shots also on my stomach and am popping the following pills daily: Baby Aspirin, Pre-Natals, Folgard x 2 (prescription folic acid for my MTHFR mutation), Calcium plus Vitamin D (to counteract the damaging effect of Lovenox on the bones) and an Iron Supplement.

The first of my three CBCs (complete blood counts) is tomorrow morning and then each other one is four day s later. They’ll check the platelets to see what effect the Lovenox is having on my blood. My first E2 check is on Wednesday. Three appointments this week and four next.

I had the Laminaria and, quite frankly, the less said about it the better. It was awful. Unbelievably painful during the procedure and for about twelve hours afterwards, made worse by the fact that the pain killers I was prescribed did nothing other than make me very sick. So I was out of it for most of that day and evening and was relieved to have it removed the next morning. Apparently my cervical opening went from “pinhole” to “radius of a pencil” in that time. I suppose it's no wonder I was in discomfort. The effect is expected to last for a while - CCRM like this procedure to be done no longer than thirty days before the transfer, but also prior to the period preceding the transfer.

We’ve decided to drive to Denver again, leaving on Saturday 18th. We were intending to fly there and drive back in a rental car, but this would add a huge cost to the trip, since there’s a large charge for dropping off a car in a different state. I don’t want to fly back, due to my fear of flying (documented earlier in this blog). I just don’t want any kind of stress or rushes of adrenaline going through my body when the embryos are trying to implant. We’ll be taking our dog Maddie with us again, since she was a great help last time. It was nice to have someone else to care for and focus on but ourselves and our nerves.

I'm beginning to feel like a bloated pin cushion, but very happy to be at this stage in the journey.


  1. That is awesome that things are happening quicker than you thought!!! Yay! There is so much waiting involved with IF and cycling that when something actually happens ahead of schedule, it's such a shocker! I'm glad you get to bring Maddie with you as I am a strong supporter of dog therapy having one myself :). The worst is behind you (the Laminaria) I wish you all the good luck in the world!!

  2. The best of luck to you at transfer!!!! I'm sorry you had to go through such a painful procedure, but hopefully it will make for a very simple transfer. Excited for you!

  3. I will say nothing more of the laminaria than was said earlier on IVFc! But, I am super happy you are going full steam ahead! 2 weeks is so close! Great idea on bringing Maddie- we tried to do that with ours last time - I just love traveling with my babies - but it was just too far of a drive (we've done cross country moves 4x and I think that was enough!). Hugs!

  4. Good luck for your transfer! Travel safe, and good luck with everything! Sounds like you have so much going on!

  5. It is sounding so good! I too hate to fly so I hear you on that.


  6. That is fantastic that your FET is just around the corner. I too hate flying, and prefer to drive. Taking your dog along is so cute. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. Caroline x

  7. I hope your transfer went well today!!!! I can't wait to hear an update!